Monday, September 4, 2017

Aurora Wings Challenge: #56- Anything Goes- Nursery Art using "Flower Moon"

Hello Hello All!! I have another beautiful Aurora Wings image to share with you today!! And hopefully in a really unique way no one has used it yet... Eeeks!! I'm so excited about this and a couple other projects using this image. I immediately was inspired by this image and had 3 ideas pop into my head just like that! So today I will show you the first and next month you will see at least one of the others!!
This is the beautiful "Flower Moon" image!! Isn't it stunning? And sooo different!! I have never seen anything like it!! I LLLLLOOOOVVVVEEE it!!
So wanna see what I did with it?
I colored her up bright and beautiful with a baby girls nursery or toddler room in mind! That is if my little girls don't steal it first!! LOL 
Isn't it awesome!! I love the way Mitzi has the hair flowing through the whole moon; popping out in different places!! It's just so cool!!

Here she is a little closer up without any frame around her... I love how the flowers and different elements come right out to the edge for you; so you don't have a big uncolored area ya know?

Just a few close ups to show you all the stunning details Mitzi has drawn in for us!! All those water droplets(as I saw them) and all those different layers of different flowers!! Amazing!!
Thank you for another amazing image Mitzi!!!

Now if you want "Flower Moon" too you will find her here:

And make sure you play along this time with our "Anything Goes Challenge" on the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog!!

See you all next time!! Thanks so much for popping by!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Flowers, Feathers and Fairies New Release: Gypsy

Hey everyone!! I have a super fun card to share with you today!! Sabrina has drawn us a Gypsy with an adoreable little monkey!
She looks just like what I always imagine Gypsy's to look like!! And how sweet is her little pet monkey!!

I turned this image into a card for my little sisters 30th birthday:
I always think bright, bold colors, that may or may not go together when I think Gypsy. I just think they like what they like and that's it. So I totally used that gypsy spirit when I chose my papers and embellishments.
"You are exactly who & what & where you are supposed to be and you are lovely" I thought this was totally the perfect sentiment for my sweet sis's 30th!!

And there you have it!! Make sure you pop by the Flowers, Feathers and Fairies Etsy store to grab her!!! You won't regret it!! 

Thanks for popping by!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Aurora Wings Challenge #55- Elements using "Siren

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Aurora Wings Challenge!! This time we are playing with the "Elements" I chose water and this new beautiful "Siren" image was absolutely perfect!!
So I did a little research on Sirens before I started this project because while I knew they were mermaid like creatures I knew they weren't exactly mermaids. So here's a little of what I learns:
  • Sirens used their song to call sailors off their course and to their deaths
  • They were beautiful creatures that have either been depicted as half bird half human or half fish half human. However, their beauty lay more in their song than their physical appearance
  • They are mentioned in Greek mythology has having done one of the water goddesses wrong-- something about protecting a daughter who ended up being kidnapped; and the sirens were sentenced to a life at sea until the princess was safely returned-- If I got that wrong please correct me!!
  • Sirens generally had 1 island that was theirs and many sailors marked it on their maps as a place to avoid
  • There was one Captain who apparently wanted to hear the Siren song so much that he made all his crew wear ear plugs and tie him to the mast. That way he could hear thier song but no one including himself would be able to steer the ship off course and close the island.
So having learned all that, I really wanted to do something dark and mysterious with this image but still to reflect the beauty of the Siren. And I'm really hoping I did that! Take a look below and tell me what you think!!
This took me hours of fun to create the Mermaid Scale background!! I used a base layer of black, brushed over it with a purple metallic and then another layer of black so the purple just sparkles so slightly in all that black base.
Once that dried I got out some of my Inca Golds and used them through a Mermaid Scale stencil. I layered the Incas over and over in so many different places so that each color was blended with all the others but so that each color still shone as itself. If that makes sense? LOL
For the flowers I misted each with a Black Dylusions and layered Heidi Swapp shimmer mists over top in a couple different colors and then gave it another shot of black.
I love the use of a couple different metal embellishements. I was hoping it gave the look of what a mix match you would find at the bottom of the ocean at all different levels of breaking down.

"My home is the open sea where stars shine brighter and my soul is free"
I really hoped that the different colored mediums I used would all pull together nicely and highlight the colors already used in coloring the mermaid and I think I succeeded!!!
Lastly I just really wanted to show you all the different metallic colors shining in the Mermaid Scales. I hope the picture shows enough of them!!
It really is just stunning!!!!

You can grab this amazing "Siren" image here:

Come play along on the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog!!
Thanks so much for popping in today!! See you again real soon!!!

I am entering this project in the World Wide Open Design Team Challenge.